These past few months have been a period of adjustment for Garvey.  He has been dealing with divorcing parents and has been going back and forth between houses.  This, coupled with being a precocious 3 year old, has led to struggles with behavior and such.

However, he is growing strong. He is 38 lbs, 42 inches. Size 11 shoe, size 5T clothes. He still walks on his tip-toes, but as a result has legs adults would kill for. He still has his funny one-liners and kid logic, and his obsession with Michael Jackson has expanded to all of the Jackson family (except Jermaine and Rebbie).

Garvey is all about the music

I have taught G how to use the iPod by telling him to use his “beginning sounds” to find the songs. So, for example, when he wants to hear “Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough” he knows to scroll to the D section. He can sight read some words, so he knows that “Don’t” has a D and an O.

Garvey Rides a Big Boy Bike

I’m trying to teach him to ride his bike. The problem is the hairtrigger brakes. We’re working on it though.


Garvey Finishes Another Semester of Gymnastics

G was originally in a sports training class. But I think that it was too new an experience to mix in with his adjustment to our split and his new child care provider. He acted out a lot and the class was WAY big. So mid-semester, I moved him back to gymnastics and he was SO much happier and did way better.

Now, the summer is here. I’m spending more time with him and he is still a huge mama’s boy. In the fall, he will start pre-K so I am getting him ready so he can be competitive. We’re working on his writing (he can write his name), spelling, reading, addition and subtraction. He is progressing well and I have no doubt he will excel in pre-K.
More updates to come now that Mommy is back into a regular groove.