Garvey is playing baseball in my living room against my wishes.

I said, very specifically, “Garvey, do NOT throw that ball around in the living room”

Garvey says, “Ok Mommy” but of course, continues to throw the ball.  Well, the ball ends up in a corner where he cannot reach it.

He tries everything. He climbs up along the wall unit to get a long backscratcher, in hopes he can use it to scoop it out of the corner.  He tries to lower himself into the corner, but its too small. He begs for my help, to no avail.

Then he says, “I’ll sing a song and make it come out!!”

So he very skillfully arranges his pedastal, grabs his make-believe guitar aka the back scratcher (he broke the other one), and decides to sing a Michael Jackson song. This time he chose “Remember the Time”

Of course, the ball didn’t come out, but it was a nice effort