As Garvey grows, so develops his skills and talents.

Gymnastics class has definitely helped improve his strength, coordination, and confidence. He is more willing to try new things. For a long time, G seemed scared of EVERY thing. He didn’t want to go anywhere, be around people, etc. Now, he is eager and excited to do everything.

Music has become easily one of the centers of Garvey’s world. I’m not surprised because he comes from musically inclined parents.  What’s interesting is the speed at which he is developing this love and appreciation for music and his abilities.

Garvey is so in tune with instruments both how they sound and how they are played. He can pick up anything from his keyboard to his guitar, to make shift cymbals to a harmonica, and he knows just how to play it. Some of it he learned from Noggin, some from music videos, others seem to be a natural inclination.

When he turns four, my first order of business is to enroll him in musical lessons of some sort. Did I mention he sings too? I don’t want to be one of those mothers who over-schedules her child. But there are just some times, you have to really look at your child and figure out what he/she is really good at and go with it.

Music seems to be his calling. And who knows… maybe he will pick up where MJ left off 😉