I haven’t updated this in a while because my PC was on the fritz. But now it is fixed and we’re back up rolling.

Things have been going well for G.

We had his 3rd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, per his request. In true Garvey fashion, however, he was terrified of Chuck and it took him about an hour to warm up to being there. He tried everything to leave. But eventually, he had fun. Here are some pictures:



The cake came from Costco. We were going to do a big, expensive cake, but for what? LOL He loves Thomas the Tank Engine this year, so we focused on decorating with Thomas decor. I just took some stickers and put them on tooth pick lol









Garvey tried his hand at Skee Ball. I think he did ok. He even got the ball to go up the ramp a bit and into the bottom area to score some points. This was the one game he really seemed to love.


Then he discovered the cars. If there is one thing he loves, it is cars. Of course, daddy had to man the pedals, but he was steering his butt off and doing a great job!





Finally, his cake time. G actually posed for this picture. I asked him to put his fork in the cake and hold it for a picture and he did. impressive lol

All in all it was a great time!