It’s Saturday morning, and we’re sitting here relaxing. Daddy and I are on the couch and Garvey is running around naked. He occasionally comes over for hugs, so one time, I hug him and ask

Me: “Garvey, can I have a kiss?”

G: “My Butt”

Me: “What?”

G: “My butt Mommy. It hurts.” (I usually kiss the hurt parts to make them better)

Me: “You want Mommy to kiss your butt?”

G: “Yes”

I look at Daddy who has covered his face to hide the laughter. Why? Because Garvey turned around and poked his butt out towards me, raising it for me to kiss it.

G: “Kiss my butt Mommy”

Me: “I’m not kissing your butt Garvey”

He continues to poke it out. Daddy is really laughing behind his hand so Garvey asks “Where’s Daddy?”

Me: “Daddy’s hiding”

G: “Ohhhh he’s hiding”

Me: “Yes, ’cause Mommy is about to hurt him in about 25 seconds” (said while stifling my own laughter)

I’d post a pic, but you know, we’re avoiding all child porn charges lol