Haven’t updated in a while, but life has been busy for us.

Garvey is full swing into potty training and has had 2 consecutive days of no accidents. He is getting better at telling people when he has to go too!

Well today, as per his usual nighttime routine, he was jumping around in his bed. I scolded him several times but he would not stop. Next thing I know, I hear a bang and immediate crying. Not the whiney type but the “I’m in pain” type. I rushed over and saw him covering his mouth. I took his hand away and all I saw was blood.

I wanted to freak so bad but he was looking at me for reassurance so I kept my composure. I picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. Sure enough, he’d banged his mouth so bad, one of his two front teeth shifted a bit. It’s slight but noticeable if you’re used to how his teeth look. The blood kept gushing and he kept crying. I wanted to take him to the ER, but something told me to calm down, wait, absorb the blood and see what happens. I wiggled the tooth or tried to, but it didnt move. He said it hurt. He was scared by the blood. Shoot, so was I! It was dripping down his chest.

I cleaned him up and held him close, reassuring him it would be ok. Through his tears he said “I’m alright Mommy” and when I asked if he wanted some juice he said yes. After drinking his juice, he hugged me close and said he wanted to stay with mommy. Normally, I’d put him back in bed but this time, I kept him close. He fell asleep in my arms, blood and pain gone.

My poor little guy…

…but that’ll learn him!!!