So Garvey, Daddy, and I are watching TV last night. I cooked dinner and there was broccoli involved. Let’s just say the aroma wasn’t pleasant.  We are teaching Garvey to excuse himself when he passes gas, as it is the polite thing to do.  So he, of course, passes gas and I remind him to say excuse me, which he does.  Many times when we cook this kind of food, it usually leads to an explosive bowel movement (AKA “Stinky”) and Garvey is immediately escorted to the bathtub to be washed.

So he is standing in front of me and well, I succumbed to the same fateful behavior. I said “Oh, wow, excuuuuse me!”

Garvey: “Ohhh Mommy, you farted!!” wrinkling his nose.

Me: *covering my nose* “Yes, baby, Mommy is stinky.”

Garvery: “Mommy stinky?” Pauses for a second. “You need a baaaath. You gotta wash your butt butt now” and he walks away from the funk.

Daddy, of course, is laughing at the entire thing.