G ParkOne thing about Garvey… he hates crowds. The crowds might be surrounding something he really loves, but if they are there, he is scared as heck. He will cling to you for dear life!!

Today we went to Central Park to see some Nickelodeon stars (Dj Lance and Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba and the Fresh Beat Band aka The Jumparounds). It was hellish getting in due to the crowds, who were there because it was free. But we got in.

Garvey, of course, doesn’t want to let go of Daddy during the Jumparounds’ performance and has the sternest look on his face. Thats what he does… stares intently.  I’m doing everything to get him to laugh, to dance, etc. because he LOVES them.  Nothing. So I give up.

But then, after they say goodbye and leave and we’re waiting for Yo Gabba Gabba, Garvey comes to me, puts his hand on my face, caressing it, with a soft, yet focused/determined look on his face and says,

“Mommy I’m ready for the Jumparounds now”

I look at him in awe like What?? And he says,

“Where are the Jumparounds?”

I said “They left baby”

He said, “They gotta come back!!!”

Oh, so nowwwwww you’re ready huh?