I shared this on Facebook right after it happened and debated posting it here.  But, I am keeping this blog so that when he gets older, G can learn about his experiences at this age. So, here is what I wrote:

We were outside in a okay area by our building, and G went up to two small asian boys playing and said “Hi! I’m Garvey!” because he is just so friendly.

One boy reached his hand out, as if to shake G’s hand, but his old grandfather swooped in and grabbed him, pulling him away and said “No!! Neegah (Nigger)” and he pulled them away and spit on the ground. I had to grab my baby to occupy my hands because I wanted to KILL HIM!

Garvey asked “Mommy what’s wrong?” and I just said “Nothing, baby”. I couldn’t really speak. I wanted to cry. I mean, I talk about this stuff all of the time, but I didn’t think my baby would experience this at such a young age. 

Just thankful he can’t understand it.