Of course, bedtime is a struggle between Garvey and I. He doesn’t believe in the importance of going to bed on time. OK cool. But it is when he gives the interesting reasons as to why he should not go to bed that tickle me. 

Me: “Garvey, guess what time it is?”

garvey: “Thrillaaaaaaa, thrilla timmeeeeeeee”

Me: *laughing* “No it’s sleepy time”

Garvey: “No mommy, no sleepy time!”

Me: “Why not?”

Garvey: “I got that boom boom boom, I got that boom boom boom”

Me: *laughing* “Go lay down”

10 or so minutes later

Garvey: “Mommmmmmmmmy”

Me: “What?”

Garvey: “I so dee dousand eight, u so dee dousand eight”

Me: “Go to bed!!!” (laughing on the low)


*This is only funny if you know the Black Eyed Peas song “Boom Boom Boom”*