Garvey photographs Daddy So, I go through cell phones like underwear. I know, I know, but I have some gadget obsessions. When I am finished with my phones, I pass them along to the Boy Wonder, who then goes on to use them to call his girlfriends, his agent, and text on the baby chat lines.


You know how they do.


At the arts festival, G had his ‘backpack” (if you watch Dora, you can feel me) full of goodies. Literally, he has a T-mobile Dash, a flashlight, a comb, and some blocks.  He retrieved his phone and began playing with it.

But then it came time for Mommy and Daddy to take pictures and Garvey, of course, wants to do whatever Mommy is doing. He starts “taking pictures” with his phone, complete with “Move closer mommy”, “Mommy I take the pictures”, and “Say cheese Daddy”.

But the best part was when he said “No, no mommy, not that way”. He decides to take Daddy’s picture while Mommy is taking it, I’m guessing to see which one comes out better? *shrug*

Because, you know, Mommy isn’t doing it the right way.