Garvey and i are outside getting some air and he is walking up and down the stairs counting. He counts all the way up to 30 and starts over at one. Once he reaches 18 he says


“19”, I respond.

“What’s that?” he asks.

“19 is the number that comes after 18, baby” I replied.

“Noooo, mommy, that’s not it” he says, correcting me.

“What number comes after 18, then Garvey?” i inquire.

“30!!” he exclaims and then laughs, shaking his head at me

“But baby, 19 comes after 18, I promise,” I say.

Garvey then taps my leg, shakes his head laughing and declares “Mommy you so silly. It’s 30!!”

Ok so I guess 30 comes after 18… forget what I learned in school.